Being Salt and Light in Zurich

Bethel Tamil Church, Switzerland

We welcome you to Bethel Tamil Church. Thank you for visiting us and we pray that you will be blessed as we worship God together. The following is a guide to what happens in church.

Call to worship – A passage read from the bible that leads us into a time of praise.

Praise – Led by our musicians and supported by the words appearing on screen. We chose from a variety of songs and styles. We usually stand to sing (except for pre-service songs) and believe that praise is an important part of our coming together.

Prayer – Prayer is another major aspect of what we do and believe as a church. Throughout the service, there will be a number of prayers. Sometimes, there will be times of silence where in the quietness of our own hearts we can speak to God or just reflect on His amazing love towards us.

Children’s Talk – A short talk when the children come down to the front, followed by a song before they go out to the groups that are available to them.

Sermon – The Bible is foundational to all we believe and teach and has a central role in all we do. Normally the sermon will be between 35 – 40 minutes. We encourage you to think through what is being said and share any questions afterwards.

Communion – We believe this to be one of the two ordinances (the other being believers baptism) the Lord Jesus instructed His followers to obey. We have communion first Sunday of each month and it is a time to remember the death of Jesus as we break bread and drink from the cup. The communion table is open to all who believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

Freewill Offering – There is no obligation to give any money. Please just pass the offertory bag on.