Being Salt and Light in Zurich

Saturday Prayer

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer – Romans 12:12

நம்பிக்கையிலே சந்தோஷமாயிருங்கள்; உபத்திரவத்திலே பொறுமையாயிருங்கள்; ஜெபத்திலே உறுதியாய்த் தரித்திருங்கள் – ரோமர் 12:12

We firmly believes that God’s work moves forward only on the knees of its people… Together

The early first century Christians did exactly that. Those followers of Christ studied the scripture, worshipped, fellow-shipped and most importantly prayed together, which also helped them to stay together. The book of Acts contains numerous references to show how the disciples and the early Christians prayed in one accord. Acts 20 tells of Paul and the Ephesians elders praying and weeping together. (Acts 20:36)

Join us as we look to the Lord to intercede and pray for our Church, our family and for our nations!


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